What Is Junk Removal All About?

You may be wondering why anyone would pay a junk removal or trash hauling company. It is likely that you have a trash removal service present and active in your residential community. We are all familiar with the large green dumpsters or the smaller trash cans that trash is emptied into. On a certain day of the week a commercial company, such as, Advanced Waste Management, is scheduled to empty the dumpster or the trash cans and take them away. However, there are certain waste materials that are prohibited in those trash dumpsters. In fact, if anyone tries to dispose of trash that is not allowed in those containers, they can be fined hundreds of dollars as a penalty.

What is included in “junk”?

Junk removal is a very broad term. Junk can include many different types of waste material. To start, household trash and food waste may come to mind as these are trashed in our homes on a daily basis. There is a lot more to junk removal than just hauling away 13 gallon garbage bags. As a junk removal and trash hauling company, 770 Haulers – Junk Removal can come out to your property and pick up just about anything from household trash to large bulky items. Usually, the regular trash services do not provide appliance removal, mattress removal, or large furniture removal. There may be an option to schedule a pick up with your trash service, however, there is a limit to how many items they will pick up every month. Not only that, but the service is not completed in a timely manner. For this reason you may notice that your neighbors are stuck with a large bulky piece of furniture, for example, sitting outside their home for days or even weeks! For this reason, junk removal companies, such as 770 Haulers – Junk Removal, come into play. No one wants an old refrigerator, mattress, or couch to be sitting, either in their garage or at the curbside, for longer than necessary. We’ve got your back and it would be our pleasure to assist you with any of your junk removal projects.

How much does junk removal cost?

Well, it really depends on what you need removed. You have to remember that junk removal companies, just as the city garbage trucks, have to go dispose of the trash that they pick up at a cost. Yes, you heard that right. It costs the junk removal company to dispose of the waste material that they pick up and haul off of your property. The cost is usually calculated by the weight. For this reason, many junk removal companies charge about the amount of space the junk takes up in their trailers. Many companies also charge more for things that tend to way more since the junk removal company will end up paying more than usual when they dispose of those items. 770 Haulers – Junk Removal has a minimum charge of $75 dollars. So it’s best if you include more things to be removed because if you just have 1 item it is still going to cost you at least $75. This price includes tax, labor, dumping fees, gas, and insurance on the equipment we use. That’s a deal considering you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting and you’ll be free of junk!

How can I schedule a pick-up?

Now that you know more about 770 Haulers – Junk Removal and how junk removal works, give us a call at (770)428-5377 or complete the form here for a free estimate!