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The Best Junk Removal Service Brookhaven

Junk Removal is one of the many services that 770 Haulers – Junk Removal provides in the Atlanta area. Junk removal is a very important part of our everyday lives. Imagine if we never got rid of the things that we don’t need; our homes and lives would be overwhelming filled with junk and trash. As we get new things and replace the old, it is very important to remove and recycle the things that we no longer use. If we didn’t utilize a local junk removal company, we would all be hoarders! When you find yourself in this situation and require junk removal, be sure to call 770 Haulers – Junk Removal for all your junk removal and trash hauling needs! 

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Appliance Removal Brookhaven

 Most of the time, when old appliances get broken, the cost to repair them outweighs the cost of replacement. Most consumer electronics companies don’t stock replacement parts of older models, especially if they release newer models annually. So, the consumer or appliance owner is left only with the choice of disposal and replacement of the old, broken appliance. Should you ever need to dispose of your old appliances, whether they’re broken or not, leave them to us! We can make it convenient for you. By choosing 770 Haulers appliance removal service, the only thing you need to do is schedule with us, and we’ll do all the heavy-lifting!

Construction Debris Removal Brookhaven

All construction work accumulates construction debris. Whether you’re building a new structure or having a room/home renovation, construction waste such as gravel, stacks of wood, or shards of metal (or glass) will surely pile up. Of course, after a completed project, you would want to enjoy your new space. However, you’re still left with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess you left or what was left by your contractors. But wait! Not to worry because we can save you the time and trouble of disposing of your construction debris on your own. 770 Haulers – Junk Removal will make your waste disposal very, very, very convenient. We are the reliable guys you can call to pick up the mess, so you can fully enjoy what you worked so hard for!


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Dumpster Rental Brookhaven

Renting a dumpster may seem intimidating at first. You don’t know which type of dumpster to rent – the size, for how long, plus you’re in the dark about how much it costs. Not only that, but, you probably don’t see the point as to why you need to rent a dumpster instead of calling a junk removal company for waste hauling. We can help answer all of your questions. We’ll share with you the benefits of renting a dumpster and describe the different types of dumpsters you can rent so you can decide whether you need the service or not. Plus, we’ll delineate the dumpster rental process so you can start the process immediately should you need to rent a dumpster for your residential or commercial property.

Furniture Removal Brookhaven

Furniture depreciates over time and use. So, if you’ve noticed that your couch has lost its bounce, or maybe your dining table wobbles with every move, or you hear creaks when you slide into your bed – it’s probably time to get a replacement. Actually, if you see any signs of damage to your old furniture, it’s best to replace them immediately. You wouldn’t want to endanger yourself and your family when one of them suddenly breaks down. But, yes – we know what a hassle it could be to remove furniture from your property.  The good thing is, reliable junk removal service companies such as 770 Haulers – Junk Removal can make it easy for you! With our furniture removal service, the only thing you need to do is to schedule with us! Next thing you know, your old furniture is gone from your home!

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Garage Clean-out Brookhaven

I’m sure most of us can say that we aren’t hoarders. (If you are one or know one, click here for us to help) But most of us can admit to having clutter issues. Often, we find those clutter issues making their way to the attic, or more notably, the garage. Regardless of your garage’s size, if you are parking your car outside to use your garage’s space for storage, you may have a problem. But when you’re finally ready to take action, you realize that it’s not as simple as grabbing a broom and sweeping away some dust. There are often years worth of accumulation of stuff, from old lawn equipment to cribs and bikes. Garages are full of items that you can’t just sweep away or throw in the trash. So what are you to do?

Hoarding Clean-up Brookhaven

Hoarding begins when possessions build up over time (or are being purposely kept) for future use, future preservation. At 770 Haulers – Junk Removal, we know that there are many reasons you are keeping various things in your home. Whether it be sentimental value, use for you-never-know when, or even preparation for a doomsday scenario. All of these may seem like excellent reasons to hold on to possessions to some. But hoarding does not stem from why you are holding onto things. Hoarding comes from the sheer amount of items becoming a detriment to your or your family’s lives. When you cannot access individual rooms or entire areas of your house because of the items you are keeping, then this is when hoarding arises.

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Hot Tub Removal Brookhaven

Hot tubs are great while they are working. There is nothing better than getting into a hot tub after a long day with a drink in hand. On the other hand, we all know what a pain it is to look at something taking up precious space once it is broken. We keep adding it to the list to get it fixed, but it’s daunting to think of spending $1,000+ on repairs. Rather than breaking the bank, hire 770 Haulers – Junk Removal to come remove your hot tub starting at just $375. Prices may vary depending on location and size. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

Mattress Removal Brookhaven

The average mattress has a lifespan of 5-7 years. Some people use them for shorter periods of time and others, longer. What do you do when it’s time for a new mattress? Sure, the new mattress will ship to your house, but what about the old one? Don’t let it sit in your garage and take up that precious space. Call 770 Haulers – Junk Removal! We offer mattress removal for as low as $65 for a single mattress! Prices vary depending on the location of the mattress in the house.

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Shed Removal Brookhaven

Finally committing to remove a shed from your yard and rediscovering your yard space is a wonderful feeling. That’s why 770 Haulers – Junk Removal lists it at the top of our services on our homepage. We make this a focal point because people may not immediately perceive their shed as junk, but time and again we hear how happy our customers are when their outdoor eyesore is hauled away. Sheds often become nothing more than backyard storage containers for miscellaneous items that we think are still worth something, yet we never really find a time to use them. From old lawn care equipment to worn down lawnmowers, sheds effectively become a mausoleum for items that once held value. If any part of that statement sounds true for you, it’s time to call 770 Haulers – Junk Removal. We’ll even place a button right here for you to make it easy for you.


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Michael C. Carlos Museum

Oglethorpe Museum

Junk removal Brookhaven, junk removal Lilburn, junk removal atlanta

FernBank Museum

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Read What Our Brookhaven Junk Removal Customers Are Saying

Mark Hyde
Mark Hyde
Read More
They were able to come the same day I contacted them. Removed my junk item fast, efficient, courteous and at a great price.
Frank Cooper
Frank Cooper
Read More
Great local company to pick up junk! And fast service - I texted the number at 5:15 on a Monday, and got an in person quote about 30 min later, and my junk was gone by 11am the next morning. Very friendly crew, reasonable prices. Took my bulky junk that I wasn't sure how to economically get rid of -- clothes dry, gas grill, recliner, couple of old fashioned big screen tvs, old computer monitors.
Chanda A
Chanda A
Read More
I called The Haulers and they were on time, affordable, actually saved me some money, and professional. I highly recommend them for junk removal service.
Chavon Lanae
Chavon Lanae
Read More
They got the job done! Quick and easy with one call!! I needed them in a hurry because previous company bailed at last minute and due to the circumstances I needed advice immediately.. long story short these guys quoted me within 15 minutes of calling and was at my home to haul away my things within a hour of me calling! Very professional and affordable! I highly recommend to anyone needing junk removed at a great price !
Brennen K
Brennen K
Read More
Aquib was quick to respond with a very good price. He came to pick up the material I needed to haul away within 14hrs and was on time unlike so many other junk removal companies. Look no further as Aquib will get the job done quickly
Read More
This company was great and prompt! I requested a quote on a Sunday evening needing yard waste picked up as soon as possible. I was shocked to receive an almost immediate response given the day and time! Aki was very kind and able to get me scheduled for Monday morning. The pickup was contactless, and the crew arrived on time. I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a great customer service experience and professional company to work with!!
LaShawn Stuart
LaShawn Stuart
Read More
Had a great experience, I used the company last minute to have some junk removed from my old home and he came out gave me an estimate and 2 days later the junk was gone. Quick and easy process. Very reliable and professional company .
Read More
Service was excellent , I needed garbage removed ASAP on a SUNDAY evening , they were the only company willing to do the service right then and there . I was very satisfied after continuously being disappointed by other "same day service" companies because that seemed like that wasn't the case . I talked to Aki , he was very sweet , quick , and on time . When he said he'll be there in 30 minutes , that's what it was ! Aki and his partner Rome got here and IMMEDIATELY got to work . Before I knew it , they were done and I was happy about that . They saved me from getting a fine . Thank you so much , I will be recommending to others !
Josh Levs
Josh Levs
Read More
They did great. We had some big, bulky things that charities wouldn't accept, and this team took them away. Also, Best Buy was not accepting electronics recycling, so they took that too. Total pros, and very nice. Thanks!

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