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770 Haulers – Junk Removal is a local family owned junk removal company servicing Dekalb County, Fulton County, and Gwinnett County. We specialize in removing all junk, waste, and unwanted debris from your property. There are times where even we are surprised that junk removal isn’t viewed as a more mainstream service, considering how often we receive calls! 

Sometimes one of the best ways to show the importance of what we do is to shift perspectives. Think of it this way. When we go shopping for a home, one of the highest priority aspects of any property is the square footage. So why is it that as a prospective renter or buyer, we value our space so highly? Yet time and time again, once we get comfortable in our new residence, piles of junk begin to appear over the home.It’s pretty astonishing how quickly the square footage disappears under accumulated garbage! Almost like most homeowners are haunted by the garbage ghost! If your goal is a big house to fill to the brim with THINGS, there’s a good chance we’ll be visiting your property sooner or later. 


Let the local professionals at 770 Haulers – Junk Removal take away any of your old appliances, furniture, yard waste, or whatever else you want gone. Remember, you’re only one call away from eliminating your waste! 


Trash Hauling & Junk Removal in Atlanta

What kind of junk removal company would we be if we didn’t take a moment to specifically highlight our main service? 770 Haulers – Junk Removal specializes in ethical waste disposal, so you don’t have to worry about a negative impact on the environment when using our service. We separate your waste into separate categories that consist of: recyclable, reusable, and disposable piles. 

We then transport the waste to the appropriate destination to prevent reusable goods from heading to the landfill. We also make sure your waste is properly disposed of in accordance with government regulations. Plus, we offer a cost-effective residential trash removal service that will work within your budget to get you the help you need. 



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When you schedule our junk removal service, we send a small team of haulers to your location to haul your junk from wherever it is out to our truck and haul it away to the proper destination. We provide free on-site estimates, and beat quotes by other licensed professionals by 10%.

Pricing varies by job and is based on how much you have and what categories these items fall under. Costs also vary depending on your location and if the trash has to be carried up or down stairs. The minimum cost you should expect to spend on trash removal service is around $75, while multiple truckloads of junk can eclipse the $1000 mark. 

You should always touch base with your town’s service provider before doing so. Some municipal and private trash collection services can issue a charge to get rid of furniture in addition to your regular trash. While in some areas, furniture simply cannot be placed at the curb at all.

Yes, unlike most junk removal companies in the Atlanta area, 770 Haulers – Junk Removal accepts paint removal. We also take tires!

770 Haulers – Junk Removal offers same day service. If you need to schedule for another date or time, we schedule for any day of the week. We are even open on Sundays so most often we can schedule pick ups for whenever you need!

Interested in our service?

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Junk removal - How it works

Call to Schedule

Call or text us at (770) 428-5377 about any junk removal project you may have. We may request some pictures and will give you a free estimate over the phone.

Junk Removal On Site

We will load up the items that need to be removed. You don't have to worry about anything else. You can sit back and relax!

On Our Way

On the day of the scheduled pick up, we will call you when we are on our way. We also offer curbside pick up and have multiple payment options available!

Load and Haul Away

Our team will load up and haul away the items and leave you JUNK FREE!

The process it very simple. Our team of professionals takes control into our own hands to complete the junk removal project you request. We want to leave you worry free and satisfied once the job is complete. We have a 5-star rating on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Next-door. Once the job is complete, we always appreciate if you can write us a review so our junk removal team can continue to improve and provide exceptional customer service!

Steph Timms
Steph Timms
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I had a great experience with 770 Haulers. They provided a quote based on photos I sent, and said they'd give a final price upon arriving at my house that I could choose to decline. The quote was accurate. They were respectful, communicated well and had my items picked up quickly. I would use them again.
Keefa Earls
Keefa Earls
Read More
What a wonderful surprise they were able to come the same Day! Showed up at stated time and removed all the debris and a little extra I had forgotten about in my yard. I will DEf use them for other services and cleaning. They also have dumpster rental.
Prabhu Somasundaram
Prabhu Somasundaram
Read More
These guys are the best! Not pushy, excellent service, very responsive, courteous and a very clean job. I don't usually leave reviews, but these guys deserve a great review. Polite, On time, Good price, a bigger dumpster bin for the price. You should definitely call these guys when you need junk removed from your house. I know we'll be calling them again.
Haley Thompson
Haley Thompson
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This company provided excellent service for my family when we requested items to be removed from Our yard. We received a fair price, same day service, and great communication. We highly recommend this company for any removal needs.
Sidu B.
Sidu B.
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I needed some Trash removal near me so I searched for Junk removal near me and I found this company and got in touch with Aki and I was able to get a fair quote and they came the same day and my Trash/Junk for gone. Affordable and reliable Junk removal services. Would definitely use them again. 5 stars all the way.
Jennifer Howard
Jennifer Howard
Read More
Aki and his partner were very professional! He was very responsive in following up as soon as he had time to pick up our furniture, and they were in and out in no time! I will definitely use him again for future services!
Read More
On time and very reasonable price wise. They did a great job removing our old tin shed and various other items we needed gone. I highly recommend them and their services.
Read More
They did a great job taking all the construction trash out. They were on time, took care of their business, and left without causing any drama or leaving the trash. The price was reasonable and they were respectful. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mrs Fabarca
Mrs Fabarca
Read More
They were awesome and came to my rescue the next business day. They removed all the demolition junk and appliances from my yard. They were quick, efficient and on time. Not only so, they are fair. They broke down all the trash so it fit into the truck. Honest business. Highly recommend them.

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Our Services

When you think about it, moving appliances is pretty similar to removing furniture.  Both sets of items are heavy, bulky, and tough to navigate through a home. The difference is that these items come with the added concern of not damaging utility lines and putting yourself or others in harm’s way. Whether it’s washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, and more, 770 Haulers – Junk Removal will take care of you and your junk removal needs. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Learn more about our Appliance Removal Service.

This one’s for all of you Do It Yourselfers, home service professionals, or commercial property managers. Sometimes we are so caught up in our maintenance and renovations that we forget that all this debris has to go somewhere. Renting a dumpster is a good start, but what if you have to be the one loading everything into the dumpster and then hauling it all away?

Learn more about our Construction Debris Removal Service.

Our company offers an affordable, reliable, dumpster rental service here in Gwinnett. Our business is mostly paperless, which eliminates our company’s carbon footprint. We want to relieve you of unnecessary headaches and concentrate on what matters: hauling away your waste. Let’s fix this problem for you. From clearing out excess junk from a room, to emptying out an entire commercial project, 770 Haulers can help! Be sure to contact us, and let’s fix this problem today.

Learn more about our Dumpster Rental Service.

Do you have old furniture that you need to haul away from your home or garage? When it’s time to ditch that old couch, table, desk, or chairs, call 770 Haulers. We remove old furniture from your home or garage to dispose of, recycle, or donate for you. We have the best junk removal rates in the Fulton County area. There is no longer a need to lift heavy-old furniture up & down flights of stairs. Our uniformed team will remove all your old furniture and allow you to use this newfound space the way you originally planned.

Learn more about our Furniture Removal Service.

Garages, they’re great for protecting your vehicles and storing your items from the elements. However, they often end up losing their functionality due to the buildup of waste. If this sounds like your garage, contact 770 Haulers for our professional garage cleaning services. Imagine what clearing out that extra space would bring to your life with a perfectly clean and organized garage.

Learn more about our Garage Clean-out Service.

In most cases, hoarding situations are urgent and time-consuming endeavors. The urgency comes from the general damage they can inflict on the home’s residents, the property, and the value of the home itself. They take time because, just as the house didn’t become a mess overnight, it cannot be fixed overnight. These projects tend to be large and often require the services of a professional junk removal service. Thankfully, 770 Haulers is equipped to handle these situations and do so ethically.

Learn more  about our Hoarding Clean-up Service.

Do you remember the joy of finally owning your very own spa or hot tub? There’s no doubting that it was a great day. But what happens when we fast forward & now you own a hot tub that has run its course? Or maybe you haven’t used the spa much and realized that having that space in the yard is now a higher priority for you.770 Haulers has gathered a team of trained professionals who are familiar with the complexities involved in disassembling & hauling away such items.

Learn more about our Hot Tub Removal Service.

We all know the feeling of finally finding that perfect mattress which provides amazing sleep and undeniable comfort. But what about 5-7 years down the road when you need to replace that mattress? A junk removal company like 770 Haulers – Junk removal can take care of that for you! We have pricing starting as low as $65 per mattress. Give us a call today!

Learn more about our Mattress Removal Service.

We will demolish walls, sheds, and can even haul away everything you need removed quickly and safely. This way, you can focus on the important things like getting your home improvement projects done. The best part about our shed demolition services? We will remove your old furniture or other belongings from the area before tearing anything down to ensure maximum care and safety for both your goods and surrounding area.

Learn more about our Shed Removal Service.